Set your sights on this 3D printed Deadeye helmet from Halo

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If you’ve been looking for a Halo 3D print you can actually wear, we have you covered with this detailed recreation of the helmet from the Deadeye set.

Maker Dustin Costigan created this print for one of his younger sons, starting with a low-poly model found on From here it was scaled to fit his twelve-year-old at around 33 x 23 x 23 centimetres.

Using Blender the helmet was smoothed out and made wearable, a process that took around four hours before being split into sixteen pieces to fit onto Costigan’s modified Cube 3D printer.

Printing itself took 100 hours using PLA before the separate pieces were glued together using five minute epoxy. Spot putty filled up some of the seams and primer got rid of some of the print lines.

After much sanding the helmet was masked off and painted with spray paint before the battle damage was added with, of all things, a spoon.

To make your own start with the files available for free from Thingiverse. If you do decide to maker one you’ll have to play around with the scale until it’s the right size for your head.

Costigan tells us this is just the start of some full costumes he’s working on, so keep checking back to his account to see more.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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