Yakuza 6 was released for free by mistake

Yakuza 6 was accidentally released for free

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In a move that will probably result in someone over at Sega clearing out their desk (or at the very least being reprimanded), Yakuza 6 landed on the PS Store yesterday and could be downloaded for free.

Yes, the entire game. For free.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. The original plan was to make Yakuza 6’s demo available for players, who could then download it, play it, and if they decided to purchase the entire game when it was released next month, they’d keep their progress.

This was the case in the European and Asian regions, but PS4 owners in North America spotted that the demo on offer in their region was 30GB in size. That’s because it was the entire game. Players who downloaded it found that after the cut off point they could just carry on playing and earning trophies.

Sega quickly moved to pull the full version and issued an apology on Twitter.

This has naturally prompted players who were lucky enough to get the full version before Sega pulled to ask what will happen to their progress. Will they be allowed to keep trophies they’ve already unlocked? Will their progress in the game be saved when they buy the final release – as was promised in the original demo offer? We’ve fired off an email to Sega to find out and you’ll know as soon as we do.

Yakuza 6 is out on April 17th, barring anymore hiccups. We have to say that on the evidence of the Yakuza games we’ve played, we’re rather looking forward to it.

[Source: Kotaku]