YouTube creators worth turning your ad-block off for

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Nowadays it seems like every mention of YouTube is followed by some sort of controversy.

If it isn’t PewDiePie it’s Logan Paul, if it isn’t him it’s his brother Jake Paul and so it goes.

The fact of the matter is that within the labyrinthine walls of YouTube there exists a wealth of content that is not only free to watch but seriously fun to watch.

Both myself and Clinton Matos binge watch YouTube on a regular basis and while our tastes differ immensely we both agree that more often than not smaller channels are doing some amazing work.

The trouble is that to sustain their work they need ad revenue and we’d like to point to a few channels that are shy of one million subscribers that we feel are worth turning your ad-blocker off for to support them.

Alex French Guy Cooking

What do you get when you combine remixed classic French cuisine, a maker and a thick French accent? Alex.

Alex started his channel in 2013 and on it you will find a wealth of culinary information. From dry aging meat at home to vegan French toast (yes really) Alex does it all in a simple to understand way.

Give his channel a watch if you love food and are looking for some inspiration in the kitchen or just simply want to save money and eat more healthy.

Fredrik Knudsen

The internet has been around for ages now and it’s about time somebody decided to document the peculiarities that inhabit the halls of cyberspace.

One creator doing just that is Fredrik Knudsen and his “Down the Rabbit Hole” series of documentaries.

If you’re not too fussed with internet history perhaps the peculiarities of the Grimm Archives will satisfy your need for interesting content.

Like Alex, Fredrik has had his channel since 2013 and while the upload schedule can be sporadic at times the content is really great and well worth watching through until the end.

Bree Essrig

Comedian Bree Essrig is probably best known for her stint on Sourcefed before the channel was sold off and shut down.

Thankfully the creator also has a wealth of her own original content on her channel.

Essrig’s content is varied with comedy shorts, reviews and parodies. It’s also worth checking her out in the Nuclear Family series which thankfully survived the Sourcefed acquisition.

Gus Johnson

While so many YouTubers are focused on maximising watch-time (how long you spend watching their videos) Gus Johnson’s claim to fame is short videos.

He’s most popular on /r/YouTubeHaiku where the maximum video length is 30 seconds. Over the years he’s topped this subreddit and Reddit as a whole with his brilliantly clever sketches, music and more.


Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik

Those of you that remember the days of videos such as Driving on Salvia and Gardening on Salvia will likely already know who Erik is.

These days the creator spends his time teaching us about how to comment correctly, at least in his mind.

His videos are presented as “lessons” in which Erik explores the comment sections around the internet most notably on YouTube itself.

Things often get out of hand especially when Erik decides to lash out at Ted Cruz.

Mandalore Gaming

Old games are still worth reviewing according to a few channels on YouTube but the trouble is that they need to be good.

Mandalore Gaming is not just good at giving you his opinion of a game but also explaining why games might not have been so successful back in the day.

This is a great channel to watch if you’re thinking of picking up an older game on sale and weren’t bothered when it was released. It covers the strengths and weaknesses of the titles while also providing some tips on how to get them running on modern hardware.


To be very honest for a moment I hated Maths as a kid. My head couldn’t make sense of the numbers and letters and I only just barely scrapped through the subject in high school.

Had Matt Smith been around then I’d have had a better time.

This creator is obsessed with Maths and uses it to explain some of the everyday occurrences we take for granted as well as revealing some incredible facts such as how long it would take you to fall through the Earth.

If you want to get kids interested in Maths sit them in front of this channel for a few videos and watch as Smith transfers his passion for Maths to viewers.

Bobby Burns

The fact that Bobby Burns has under one million subscribers is positively criminal.

While the YouTuber did start out reviewing movies his content switched last year to commentary on YouTube happenings.

Whatever Burns is talking about you can rest assured that it is well researched, beautifully filmed and wonderfully edited.

Honourable mentions

We cannot possibly mention every YouTube creator we want to in this story (or you’d be reading this all day) so we’ve set aside a few honourable mentions that you should definitely keep an eye on.

Lofty Pursuits

Peter Brown

Lewis Spears

Alec Steele

Nerd City

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz writes news, reviews, and opinion pieces for Hypertext. His interests include SMEs, innovation on the African continent, cybersecurity, blockchain, games, geek culture and YouTube.