Could Spotify be about to launch in South Africa?

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Spotify has been rumoured to be planning a launch in South Africa for quite some time now. Last year we spotted a job listing on Spotify’s website for the position of ‘Senior Editor/Music Programmer – South Africa’.  Essentially the music streaming service was looking for someone who understood and could curate for the South African music market.

Now, an invitation has dropped into our inbox, inviting htxt to an event next week – next week Tuesday, to be exact – at which Spotify will be making an announcement. Could Spotify be finally launching on our shores? We certainly hope so.

To be honest, Spotify has quite a few subscribers in South Africa as it is. There are dozens of workarounds for South Africans who want the service and Spotify seems to turn a blind eye as long as the money used to pay for its services comes from the right place. If a launch is imminent, it’s likely a lot of locals will give it a go as barriers to entry will be lifted.

Spotify is a giant in the streaming media service industry; it’s the world’s largest global music streaming subscription service with a community of over 159 million users, including over 71 million Spotify Premium subscribers, across 61 markets.

Come on, 159 million people can’t all be wrong can they? Can they? We’re waiting with baited breath for next week Tuesday…