House Of Cards Final Season Trailer Drops

House Of Cards Season Six trailer drops

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In case you’ve been locked in an isolation ward, tinsel town held its annual banner event last night, the Oscars.

If you care about such things, you’re in good company as the event is watched by millions the world over. You know what that makes the Academy Awards, right? Prime advertising real estate.

So it’s not surprising Netflix decided to pony up some dough and drop a trailer for the sixth season of House Of Cards into the broadcast.

The trailer will probably be a little bittersweet for fans of the show. For a while there, it was uncertain whether House Of Cards was going to get a sixth season; it is, so there’s the good news. However, as the trailer announces towards the end, this is the final season the show will be getting; there’s the bad news. (The weird news is that even though this is apparently the last season for the show, its tagline is ‘we’re just getting started’.)

Eagle-eyed viewers will notice the distinct lack of one Kevin Spacey in the trailer. Once again, if you haven’t been following the news you may not know that Spacey got the boot from the series last year when allegations of sexual harassment were made against the actor. This scandal and Spacey’s subsequent exit from the show threw House Of Cards’s future into doubt.

If you’ve never seen the show before, here’s one of the cast in a bath to get you up to speed. Enjoy!