Nintendo launches its E3 2018 website

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This year’s E3 expo may be a few months away – it takes places between 10th and 14th June – but Nintendo has decided to get the ball rolling early by launching its dedicated E3 website.

Head on over to the site and one finds that there’s not much on there in the way of announcements or game revelations; that’s to be expected really, because Nintendo is likely keeping its powder dry ahead of E3’s curtain going up.

What users will find is a subscription button to keep them up to date on any new information the site will offer over the next couple of months and a plug for Nintendo’s two esports competitions that’ll be taking place at E3. Esports players will test their mettle at the expo in both the Super Smash Bros International and the Splatoon 2 World Championship.

This site, incidentally, is probably the best place to monitor all the news for Nintendo at E3. While the house of Mario always has an impressive stand on the E3 shop floor, over the last few years, it has stopped holding the sort of glizty keynotes it did in the past (which Sony and Microsoft still do) and opted to communicate all its news and announcements through Nintendo Direct streams. It’s likely to do the same this year, and the E3 site is probably the best place to watch it.

We expect great things from Nintendo at E3 this year; 2017 was undoubtedly the year of the Switch, and we’d love to see Nintendo keep that momentum going through 2018.