Raspberry Pi, Arduino & RGB LEDs – all in one Portal-themed LEGO case

While we’ve seen many Raspberry Pi enclosures made out of LEGO in the past, this Portal-themed build with RGB lighting deserves a special nod.

We spoke to the creator of this build, Instagram user endorobotics, who tells us that the design is based off of the rounded PCs seen in the game.

Using physical bricks and not any of those LEGO CAD programmes, the enclosure came together over the course of only two days. It was the home for a Raspberry Pi 3 and it featured some printed Aperture Science decorations.

As you can see some discoloration of the white LEGO bricks meant that the colour wasn’t uniform, so if you intended to make your own try to get bricks from the same moulding run.

Alternatively, there’s many methods out there to restore white bricks which usually become discoloured with age and sunlight damage.

Unfortunately, if you are going to make one yourself, you’ll have to do it without any help. We’ve been told that no instructions will be made or shared, and that the build has at least been partially disassembled at the time of writing.

You can still use these pictures for referance, however. You can also try to replicate the lighting that was done here, using RGB LEDs controlled by an Arduino Uno.

It looks like some pieces usually used as windows act as a diffuser for the light in the front of the case.

As with all our custom LEGO stories, we do have some recommendations if you want to stock up on pieces to get building.  The official Pick a Brick service is not available in every country so the unofficial Bricklink marketplace is usually the best place to go.

Make sure to check back here, or endorobotics’ account, for another project: a LEGO GLaDOS build powered by an Arduino.


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