Spotify launches in South Africa at R60 a month

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You know how it is. You’re about to go to bed and then two major companies on your beat decide to throw curveballs.

First, Blizzard announce a new Hearthstone expansion. Then, you find out someone (or more likely some people) over at Spotify jumped the gun on the music service’s local launch.

Well, boo. And yay, at the same time!

Spotify has gone live in South Africa the day before an event we all presumed would announce its launch locally.

We expected to find local pricing at this week’s event, but the cat’s out of the bag on that score too. Head over to Spotify’s site and you’ll find that its Premium service is now available on a 3-month trial basis and punters can pay R59.99 per month after that if they fancy subscribing. It’s also available in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

If you’ve ever signed up to Spotify using the numerous workarounds that are available – not that we’d ever suggest you use such nefarious means – you’ll notice that the local pricing for the service has been significantly discounted. Over in the States the Premium package costs $9.99 a month, which after the exchange rate and local VAT considerations, is a lot cheaper on this side of the equator.

The pricing just about fits. Spotify is late to the game over here with services such as Apple Music, Deezer and (coughs) Tidal already in the market. The discounted price is pretty much guaranteed to make it incredibly competitive. We’ll be attending the Spotify announcement tomorrow to get details on more service packages.

That having been said, it probably won’t have the new Tool album on it when it drops. No one will. You’ll have to order it online. Dammit, Tool.