Starcraft is turning 20 this year and Blizzard’s giving away free stuff

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If you wanted an indication of how old – or ancient – you are, Starcraft is turning 20 this month.

Yes, Blizzard’s space-western RTS that arguably gave rise to the popularity of esports is not only old enough to drive a car and vote, it’s nearly in its third year at university.

To soften the blow to those of us currently scrabbling around for our dentures, Blizzard is celebrating Starcraft’s birthday by giving away some goodies for all of the games its players love. Skins and in-game rewards will be up for grabs throughout World Of Warcraft, Diablo III, Hearthstone (YES!), Heroes Of The Storm, Overwatch and, naturally, Starcraft 2 and Starcraft: Remastered.

You can find the full list of goodies on offer over at Blizzard’s official site, but if you want to save yourself a mouse click, read the list below.

  • Starcraft Remastered players can bag a 20th Anniversary commemorative UI skin if they login after March 6th.
  • If you login to Starcraft 2 on the same day, you can get a special UI skin for each race and a new Portrait and Decal
  • Overwatch players can bag a Sarah Kerrigan Ghosts skin for Widowmaker if they boot up the game between March 6th and April 3rd.
  • Hearthstone players are in a for a Starcraft-themed Tavern Brawl between March 21st and 25th, which can net them three Kobolds & Catacombs card packs.
  • Horde and Alliance folk have to salute Starcraft-themed pets in World Of Warcraft to get the Salute To Starcraft Feat Of Strength.
  • Login to Heroes of the Storm between March 27th and April 7th and you’ll pick up Anniversary Portraits for Terran, Protoss and Zerg.
  • Finally, Diablo III players can login after March 6th to receive a Dominion’s Revenge cruiser pet.

Oh, there’s a short film coming too, which is something to look forward to. Enjoy the free stuff, Blizzard fans!