The Crow Reboot has a release date

The Crow reboot will be out next year

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Break out the black lipstick, fishnets and docs. The Crow remake is finally happening and the film even has a release date – that would be October 11th next year.

If you’re unaware of this project, rumours about the film have been swirling for several years now. Director Corin Hardy – who helmed the excellent horror film, The Hallow – has been attached since around 2015 and the screenplay comes courtesy of Nick Cave – yes that Nick Cave.

The film will star Jason Momoa (you know, Aquaman from the Justice League) as the titular character, Eric Draven, a rock star who is murdered along with his girlfriend and who returns from the grave to wreak bloody revenge on those who killed him.

According to a report on Empire Magazine’s site, this is a passion project for Hardy who has “great love and respect for the material and its dark heritage.” That’s probably a good thing since the original film has a sizable cult following. It was a bittersweet affair as its star, Brandon Lee, was accidentally killed on set during production, and the film turned into a bona fide star.

Since then, Crow fans have had to suffer through lousy sequel after lousy sequel.

There’s no word on production getting underway on the film at this stage, but since the release date is 18 months away, we expect the rumour mills to start to go into overdrive very shortly indeed. Watch this space…