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Apple’s recycling robot takes apart 200 iPhones an hour

Everybody knows that Apple makes smartphones but what you might not know is that the firm takes them apart and recycles them as well.

That doesn’t mean your iPhone X is rocking an iPhone 4 battery but rather that it might contain some materials that have been recovered from recycled iPhones.

The thing is that taking an iPhone apart can take quite some time and removing the materials that can be reused even more. For that reason Apple created a robot named Liam in 2016 that recovered these aforementioned materials.

Sadly Liam is being retired in favour of a new robot – Daisy.

“Apple’s newest disassembly robot, Daisy, is the most efficient way to reclaim more of the valuable materials stored in iPhone. Created through years of R&D, Daisy incorporates revolutionary technology based on Apple’s learnings from Liam, its first disassembly robot launched in 2016,” Apple said in a statement.

The Cupertino company adds that Daisy is capable of disassembling nine models of iPhone at a rate of 200 handsets per hour, recovering materials that can be reused along the way.

The firm will also make donations to Conservation International for every iPhone brought in for recycling in celebration of Earth Day this Sunday.

[Image – Apple]

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