Donate to a cancer charity to win a pink Deadpool suit

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Instead of a new trailer for the upcoming Deadpool sequel, Ryan Reynolds’ YouTube channel is instead running a charity drive.

And, because this is Deadpool we’re talking about, it’s suitably ridiculous. Donate money to “LetsFCancer”, and you’re entered into a contest to win a pink Deadpool suit.

This is being organised by Omaze, which regularly ropes in celebrities and movies for similar causes. The prizes usually include meetups with said celebrities and invites to movie premiers.

While the LetsFCancer site is down right now, probably due to heavy traffic, the Omaze page for entry is working.

It’s very much of a case of more money increasing your chance of winning, as you’ll get more entries as the dollar amount goes up.

The lowest amount you can pledge is $10 (~R118) for 100 entries, with the other extreme being $5 000 (~R59 362) for 50 000 entries and a personalised voicemail message recorded by Reynolds as Deadpool.

If that’s a bit too rich for you there’s another option for a signed DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack of the first movie. A signed poster was available but has since been scooped up.

Even if you’re tired of these marketing stunts (the last one we remember is free tattoos given away to Brazilian con attendees) we’re sure most people won’t mind it with the good cause being supported.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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