Gear Of The Year 2017 – SMME Business Tablets

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In today’s increasingly mobile world, tablets and laptops have made a convincing case as the desktops replacement.

Not only can they handle a lot of the functionality required for an SMME that a PC can, they’re easily portable, meaning users can conduct business from pretty much any location – provided they have an internet connection.

Tablets gain an edge on laptops due to their easy interface. Using a touchscreen to select commands is infinitely easier than tapping away on a keyboard – and if you need keyboard interface, most tablets offer that as well. But with so many brands fighting for space in the marketplace, picking the right tablet for your business can be a rather tricky prospect.

Our readers have picked Samsung as their brand of choice for business tablets (it leads the field with 44.8% of the vote). This is hardly surprising because the South Korean manufacturer currently has the best Android tablet money can buy on the market in the form of the Galaxy Tab S3.

It’s crammed with power, boasts a fantastic display and even comes with an optional keyboard – you really don’t need a desktop if you have one of these in your arsenal. The price for this item, though, may be a stumbling block for some. This is why it’s lucky that Samsung’s tablets boast some longevity; for an SMME we’d certainly recommend picking up a Galaxy Note 10.1. It may be four years old it’s still a powerful tablet that suits the needs for executives, creative and shop owners.

Apple took close 2nd place as a popular choice among our readers (raking in 38.6% of the vote), which fits because its latest iPad Pro is one of the most powerful tablets on the market.

If you’re prepared for the eye-watering cost of both it and its accessories, you essentially have a device that can make you or your employees incredibly productive away from the office. Aimed at both creative folk and business enterprises, Apple products can inflate the costs for an SMME, because they remain super expensive. The battery life on most of them has improved though

After the two giants there’s quite a steep drop off, which is expected since third placed Huawei was comparatively late to the tablet game.

That having been said its MediaPad range has both Apple and Samsung in its sights – three new models were recently announced at Mobile World Congress this year – and while their displays and design can’t rival the top end (and most expensive) tablets on the market, they have all of the necessary functionality for any SMME. What’s more they’re more affordable, and thus easier on the wallet.

Perhaps the biggest and most notable absence in our readers’ favourite tablet brands is Microsoft, which is a pity because the Surface Pro range is easily one of the best series of business tablets available. Unfortunately, however, it’s not available locally. Microsoft, you are certainly missing a trick.