Gear Of The Year 2017 – The best flatscreen TV sets of the year

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Gone are the days when a massive box sat at one end of your living room; every television on the market right now could probably double as a breakfast tray or (depending on its size) a ping-pong table.

But a flatscreen TV set is a sizeable investment and given the number of brands fighting for your money on the market right now, consumers can find themselves somewhat overwhelmed.

Luckily, our readers are as invested in turning their living rooms into home cinemas as we are.

Whether you’re looking for a TV to watch epic TV shows or movies, or you need a set that will bring out the best in your gaming experience, our readers have spoken. So let them point the way for your next televisual purchase…

Samsung Q9F OLED

With over 50% of the vote, the Samsung Q9F OLED bumps up in first place and there’s a reason for that – it’s brilliant.

For the financial outlay, this may be the last TV you can buy – unless you’re a tech head who needs the latest and greatest every single time an industry spews out a new model.

The Q9F comes front-loaded with a smarthub – Netflix, Showmax and any other subscription you have is present and correct – 4HDMI outputs (your Xbox, Switch and PS4 don’t have to fight for space) – 3 USB, an ethernet port and you can use your smartphone to control this baby.

The big selling point, though, is QLED display, which for the layman means, Quantum Dots, offering a fantastically deep range of colour on the screen. The sleek housing on this beast is just the icing.

LG 65” OLED (and our Editor’s pick)

Sleek, classy and a doddle to install, while the LG OLED wasn’t our readers’ first choice, it’s won our hearts with ease. The reason? For what you will pay, this flatscreen is probably the best value for money on the market right now.

From its stunning display to its superb sound system, the LG OLED series delivers and then some. Its picture is diamond-cut and the sound is fantastic. Visually speaking, it’s as elegant and suave as any of its competitors. It’s a damn site cheaper too.

What tips it over the edge, though, is its ease of use.

The Magic Motion remote that comes with it allows users to navigate menus and setups the same way they’d interact with a motion sensor console – like the Wii, except with more motion fidelity.

Add all of this up and what you’re looking at is the best investment you can make for a home cinema setup. Unless you’re looking for a projector…

HiSense ULED 4K Smart

If you’re after a 4K TV but you aren’t exactly made of money, you might want to consider the HiSense ULED 4K Smart.

Offering vibrant, crystal clear colours and an impressive contrast, this set also has an Opera-based operating system that makes it very easy to use. A little more cash could probably net you a flashier TV, but for value for money, the HiSense ULED 4K Smart beats most of its competitors easily.