Hacks/Hackers to host digital protection seminar for journalists

We at have written a lot about cybersecurity and digital protection.

While the numerous advances in the digital space have undoubtedly made running any business faster, easier and more efficient, they’ve also potentially exposed many entities to breaches and other malicious practices.

A phrase we’re fond of using is “it’s not a question of ‘if’ a business is going to be hacked, it’s a question of ‘when'”, and bringing employees up to speed on how to stay digitally secure should be (and often is) a high priority for employers.

But what about journalists? While there are many courses available to bring business staff up to speed on cybersecurity best practice, we’ve not seen many aimed at the Fourth Estate.

Beyond simply being aware of how to prevent malware from exposing the network of the organisation one works for, journalists need to be on their guard with regards to passwords, social media and the sites they visit. In the past, it’s even been revealed that authorities aren’t above abusing RICA in order to gain access to information that journalists have.

Well, to bring journalists up to speed and teach them how to protect their data and sources, Hacks/Hackers is hosting a seminar this evening on digital protection in the journalism space. The event takes place at Jozihub at 44 Stanley at 17h30.

One of the speakers at the event will be Murray Hunter, the national co-ordinator of the Right 2 Know campaign, who has researched and written extensively about the problems with RICA and the need for better oversight and more transparency when it comes to state investigations.

Registration for this event is free.


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