Hearthstone's New Expansion is called The Witchwood

Hearthstone’s new expansion The Witchwood is out next week

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To all those Hearthstone players who have been scouring the forums for news of new cards and possibly experimenting with decks that are entirely made up of cards that are either odd or even in cost, we have some good news.

Blizzard has announced that the new expansion for its battle card game, The Witchwood, is launching on 12th April. That’s next week. Next week Thursday to be precise. (Well, for local players, it’s more likely to be Friday, given Blizzard’s habit of launching new expansions on Pacific Time).

This means that if you’re one of the hardcore folk who have been saving up to pre-order 50 packs and haven’t done so yet, you’ve got until next week to place your order. If you’re absolutely broke, it’s worth logging in anyway because for a limited time only doing so will net you three free packs from the new expansion and a Legendary. You can also win a free new Druid skin if you manage to clock up 10 wins in Standard mode.

Players will know that the arrival of The Witchwood ushers in the Year Of The Raven and this means that cards from Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night in Karazhan and The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansions will be rotated out of Standard mode. Our esteemed Hearthstone expert, Brendyn Lotz has compiled a rather tasty list of the cards that we’ll miss the most when this happens (and some that we really, really won’t), so keep an eye out for that later this morning.