Untypical Indiegogo

Untypical sci-fi fantasy western puts out Indiegogo funding call

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Did you know that a local group of artists were busy on an audio show that blended elements of fantasy, science fiction and the good old fashioned wild west genres?

No? Neither did we until today, but East Corp Productions apparently has been working on just such a show and it’s called – clue’s in the name – Untypical.

What’s the show about? Let’s let East Corp Production tell you in their own words:

Untypical is a western science-fantasy audio drama reminiscent of Firefly. Our goal is to tell long, engaging adventure stories with an emphasis on bizarre scenarios and character relationships, all set in an orginal world unlike any world you’ve ever encountered.

Untypical welcomes you to the shattered reality of the Twisting World. 

In the aftermath of a war between mortals and magicians, matter has been saturated by magic, physics has been broken; where the new humanity must pick up the pieces, rebuilding their lives and cities. 

This is a world called home by an anthropomorphic tiger-parrot who cannot die, a doll covered in TV screens who trades in information, a temperamental teenage dragon on a journey of self-discovery, a super-powered gunslinger just trying to make his life like an action movie and many more. 

Thing is, these sorts of productions need funding and to that end, the show’s creators have put out a crowdfunding call on Indiegogo. If you’d like to contribute – or even see whether this is a project you’d like to back at all – you can follow the link to Untypical’s campaign page.

The show already has a pilot episode out – which you can listen to on the Indiegogo page or by clicking the embed below – and has received some rather glowing acclaim if you need further convincing.