US and UK issue joint cybersecurity warning about Russia

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As if tensions between the West and Russia weren’t high enough at the moment, the USA and the UK have essentially accused the Kremlin of laying the groundwork for future cyber attacks.

In a first-of-its-kind move, the UK and USA have issued a joint warning to government departments, businesses and citizens about potential Russian cyber intrusions.

“Since 2015, the U.S. Government received information from multiple sources—including private and public sector cybersecurity research organisations and allies—that cyber actors are exploiting large numbers of enterprise-class and SOHO/residential routers and switches worldwide,” the warning reads.

“The U.S. Government assesses that cyber actors supported by the Russian government carried out this worldwide campaign. These operations enable espionage and intellectual property that supports the Russian Federation’s national security and economic goals.”

While both governments have known for years about Russian attempts to gain access to their networks, the joint warning is the first time either power has publicly alerted people to it on a mass scale.

According to a report on the Guardian, the move may have resulted from frustration with Russia over cyber intrusions and possibly its meddling in elections both in the USA and in Europe.