Venom Trailer Drops

Venom full trailer drops

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Marvel’s Venom has been in the works for a while now, and so far fans have only been treated to one teaser trailer.

While it was great to know that the movie had moved well beyond rumour and speculation, there were grumblings from the fan base that the teaser didn’t actually show Spiderman’s black-clad nemesis so much as hint at his existence.

Sony Pictures last night moved to rectify this, dropping a full trailer for Venom revealing the nasty symbiote in all his tongue lashing glory. Have a gander at the clip below:

If you’re in the dark about either the film or the comic book it’s based on, here’s the skinny. Venom is a villain in the Marvel universe who is the result of the bonding of an alien creature with an investigative reporter called Eddie Brock. While Brock has something of a moral code, he’s also fragile enough to be manipulated and the alien symbiote who clings to him is a rather malevolent entity, unconcerned by bloodletting or property damage.

The titular character is played by Tom Hardy in damaged bruiser mode, while Brock’s love interest, Anne Weying, is played by Michelle Williams (Shutter Island, Manchester By The Sea).

UK actor and hip hop artists Riz Ahmed plays the movie’s antagonist and it’s here that the film seems to deviate most from comic book lore. Originally, Venom bonded with Peter Parker until the latter realised how evil it was and split with it. Angered by this betrayal, the symbiote sought out Eddie Brock, who at the time had a grudge against Parker.

Still, we can forgive small lapses like that for a movie that looks this good. It’s out in October so mark your calendars, true believers!