Another rocket launcher from Halo is turned into a sizeable 3D print

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Arms and armour from Halo have long enjoyed attention from the maker community, and that continues today with a print on the larger side of things.

MyMiniFactory user T-E-C has printed out a rocket launcher from the series, specifically the M57 Pilum. The version you see on this page measures in at 90 centimetres long.

In the games the weapon is around 55″, or 140 centimetres long. This means that this print is a bit scaled down, but you can always print it larger.

To do that you’ll need the files, which are available for free. We’ve been told that the modelling process was done in Fusion 360 using a combination of online references and screenshots.

Printing took around eight hours at 0.2mm layer height with a shell thickness of 0.4mm. With five percent infill, the total weight is only 500 grams, making this easy to lob around for cosplay purposes.

This specific print was then given colour with spray paints. Thanks to the relatively simple look, only grey, green and yellow was needed in a paintjob that took two hours.

The last time we saw a 3D printed rocket launcher from Halo, it was a mod to the Nerf Titan that transformed it into the M41. Thanks to those Nerf internals, it also retained the ability to fire foam rockets.

This M57, however, is just a dummy prop at the moment, but we’d love to see it modified, perhaps with internal electronics.

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Clinton Matos

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