Start your Grom Hellscream cosplay with this 3D printed orc head

3D Printing is used in cosplay all the time, usually for a weapon or a solid pieces of headwear like an Iron Man helmet, but now it’s being used for a great Grom Hellscream costume.

Maker Pete Phillips had already completed a full costume of the character, but found the foam and latex head too hot to wear. Believing he could make something more comfortable and accurate with a print, he got to work.

Phillips then found a 3D scan of a 6″ orc action figure and used that has a base. Importing the figure into Meshmixer, the head was removed from the body and scaled up to be wearable.

After being hollowed out the eyes also needed to be removed before the entire head was split into two so it would be easier to put on and take off.

After all of that macabre work the files were sent to Cura so supports could be added and the printing could begin.

The front part of the head took three days to finish and, after it was checked to ensure it would fit onto Phillips’ head, the back part took another two days to complete.

The rough print went through three coats of filler primer and a lot of sanding before being painted with acrylics.

The three coats of paint were applied with a sponge to give the texture of skin. With that done the tattoos, teeth and metal elements were added in.

If you’d like to make your own Grom Hellscream head, you can find the files to do so over on Thingiverse. Just remember that you’ll need to do a lot of fine scaling work to make sure it fits you, and some fake hair is required to make it look proper.

Alternatively, you can also use these files as the base for any other orc, provided you move the hair and teeth around.

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