There are a lot of games being given away for free right now

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If you were going into this weekend with nothing to play, several titles have suddenly become free to download.

The excellent Cheap Gamer has identified four full games that are being given away in some form or another. They’re unfortunately all tied to PC, so console players will need to look elsewhere, such as Overwatch.

The game is having another one of its free weekends available on all hardware save for the Switch.

The newest entry here and the one which requires some explanation is a demo for Mothergunship. This is the newest game from the people who made Tower of Guns.

It’s billed as a mech FPS with a focus on gun crafting, which is what you’ll be doing in this demo.

You’re given a bunch of gun parts and left to install them anyway you like with two exceptions: the barrels must face forwards and they cannot overlap.

You can make a single gun with a hundred barrels, but you’ll only be shooting it once thanks to your shared ammo pool.

We got a lot of fun in our 30 minutes of playing through the demo, and it’s also available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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