Steam Summer Sale 2018 is here with a mediocre minigame

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It’s Christmas in June for PC gamers as the Steam Summer Sale 2018 is finally live.

With the spot and flash sales now a thing of the past, Valve has provided something else to entice users to log in everyday: a really boring browser game called “Saliens”.

If you were playing Flash games created by young teenagers on Newgrounds in the early 2000s, Saliens will feel very familiar to you – it’s a basic defence game where you control a turret tasked with shooting approaching aliens.

You can fire a weak laser with your left mouse button, and the number keys will activate the special abilities which do most of the damage. As you defeat more aliens your level increases and you have more special abilities to use.

It’s absolutely brain-dead in terms of gameplay and the only reason to play it is for the items. Certain accomplishments will net you inventory items you can sell on or hang on to.

In addition to the standard trading cards that expire, you will also receive in-game items for titles you may not even own. In around ten minutes of playing we received items for The Witcher 3, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Anomaly Warzone Earth and American Truck Simulator, none of which are in our library.

Aside from mindlessly clicking away for a few extra cents off your next game, the sale is as we’ve come to expect from previous years. With no limited-time offers you’re safe buying a game right now or waiting right up until before the end of the sale, which is 5th July.

As with most Steam Summer Sales, the servers were hit hard as it went live last night, but it appears to be stable right now.

Winning a round of Saliens also enters you into a draw to win a game.
Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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