Instructions for the LEGO Sawtooth are finally available

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One of the most promising young names in the LEGO world is Marius Herrmann who specialises in recreations of the machines from Horizon Zero Dawn and Titanfall 2.

When we spoke to Hermann back in 2016 he told us that there were no plans to release instructions for any of his builds. The reason for this was a combination of his desire to finish building all the Titans from Titanfall 2, the builds being far too fragile, and the fact that he was going to university.

With all the Titans now finished up Hermann has found a chance to create instructions for one of his Horizon Zero Dawn builds – the Sawtooth.

Starting at $5 you can buy the parts list and instructions for this build. Aside from the actual bricks, that’s all you’ll need to make one of these impressive creations.

It’s recommended that you shop for the parts on BrickLink – a third party marketplace for bricks that’s cheaper than LEGO’s own Pick a Brick service.

The Sawtooth is 934 parts and Hermann estimates that you’ll be paying around €93.40, going off of the average price of ten cents per part.

Including the price of the instructions, you should budget around €100, or your local equivalent.

Sawtooth (from "Horizon Zero Dawn")

One thing to consider before you spend any money is the fact that this is not something for the kids to play around with as it’s intended for display.

The build is less sturdy compared to the official ones from LEGO, but it does feature multiple points of articulation in the neck and legs so you can pose it as you see fit.

There’s also a warning that this is somewhat challanging to put together. If you’re used to the dead-simple instructions in boxed LEGO products, this may be a bit of a surprise.

If the Sawtooth just isn’t doing it for you, there is a chance that we will see instructions for the other machines like the CorruptorShell-Walker or  Thunderjaw.

“That really depends on how the instructions for the Sawtooth are received. If people like them and are willing to spent some money on them, then I will definitely create more instructions for the Horizon Zero Dawn builds and other games,” Hermann Says, “If not, then I will focus more on creating new stuff, since making instructions is not fun at all.”

Having created instructions for a very simple build of our own in the past – a Nintendo Switch cartridge case – we can attest to the tedium of creating a good guide for others to follow.

You can see a page from the instructions below. Note that the parts currently being worked on are highlighted in a bright colour. This is a feature than many have been asking LEGO to adopt for years now.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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