Iron Man’s Infinity War arc reactor is now a wearable 3D print

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The arc reactor has always been a popular 3D print, and that hasn’t changed with Infinity War and the very different look Iron Man has in that movie.

Maker Daniel Montoya has recreated the Mark 50 arc reactor complete with working lights and a magnetic attachment so you can wear it.

He tells us that designing the print in SolidWorks took around ten hours, a number that is inflated due to the lack of available references. Hopefully we’ll see more projects like this after the home release of Infinity War in August.

After being printed in grey filament, it was not painted as the plastic was already close to how it should look. An epoxy glue was used to join all the parts together and to keep the electronics inside which was also, luckily, a suitable shade of grey.

Aside from filament you’ll need a few other components to make something that has the familiar glow. Montoya used a simple strip of blue 12V LEDs, a DC to DC voltage booster, and a 9V battery.

Some metallic tape around the LEDs enhance the effect and an acrylic sheet is placed on top of everything to keep it dust free.

With all that installed this arc reactor is rather heavy at 100 grams. To keep it attached to a shirt, there’s a magnet from a name tag on the back.

At around 14 X 13 centimetres it will be a challenge to wear, but it’s still less bulky than the Raspberry Pi e-ink name tag we looked at a while back.

If you have the scraps lying around to make one, the files for this print are available for free over on Thingiverse.

And, if Iron Man isn’t your Avenger of choice, Black Widow had a slew of prints recently. There’s also a few full size Stormbreakers that we’ll be featuring soon.

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