Attach your Nintendo Switch to a Pro Controller with this 3D print

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If you love the Nintendo Switch but hate the Joy-Cons, we have a 3D print that will let you continue playing in handheld mode with the more comfortable Pro Controller.

Maker Jeremy Delisle created this mount that joins to the two together thanks to ideas from a friend and a design contest held on MyMiniFactory.

Modelling was done in Solid Edge over the course of around 10 hours with several breaks to make test prints and fix small problems.

Nailing the correct  arm size for the mount was apparently the biggest challenge, trying to make it big enough to hold the Switch without being too bulky.

Printing also came to about 10 hours with just a bit of sanding to finish it off. You could, of course, paint it to match your setup, and we imagine that a softer rubberised coating would do nicely here.

Delisle says that he did not see the print scratching or otherwise damaging the console or the Pro Controller, but caution is still advised, especially with the coating on the back of the Switch.

As for gameplay we’ve been told that the setup is surprisingly comfortable but will require some getting used to. Thankfully the print is adjustable so you can mess around with the position of the screen until it suits you.

The files to make your own are available for free on MyMiniFactory. Aside from the filament you will need a pair of bolts and locknuts to create the swivel points.

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Clinton Matos

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