Hotline Miami cosplay with a 3D print of Jacket’s chicken mask

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While Jacket from Hotline Miami may be one of the easiest cosplay options out there, an appropriate chicken mask can be a bit difficult to find, so now you can 3D print one.

This version of Richard was created by user Valertale who tells us that, while Hotline Miami is the source and inspiration for the build, the 3D model of the mask from the Payday 2 DLC is what was used as the base of this print.

Using Blender the mask was modified until it was wearable in a process that took around a week.

When it was finished the design needed to be sliced into five separate pieces so it would print on a Creality CR10S.

Two spools of filament and 120 hours later and the mask’s pieces were finished, before being joined together with wood filler.

Filler primer was then used to smooth things out followed by a white base coat done with spray paint. Acrylics were used to do the other colours and a sealer following it to finish off and give the final product a glossy finish.

Valertale says that the final dimensions are 15 X 12 X 8.5 inches (~38 X 30.5 X 22 centimetres) making this piece completely wearable, on top of being a display piece. You can see how it looks as both in the gallery below.

The files to make your own are available for free on Thingiverse, but remember to do a bit of scaling to get a comfortable fit.

The only part missing here is the feather detailing seen in the game. Even if you don’t have the paint of modelling skills to add these back, this is still an incredibly accurate build.

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