Google Pay now lets you pay friends

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Yes, you still cannot get Google Pay here in South Africa, but that does not make the latest update for the mobile payment application any less noteworthy.

To that end Google took to its official blog in order to announce that the solution can now facilitate payments between two users (i.e. your mate that still owes you money from the that one time with the thing.)

This is the latest in a number of updates that Google has been baking into the application ever since it made the change from Android Pay to Google Pay earlier this year, which also included turning Google Wallet into Google Pay Send.

One could request payment or funds from a friend or contact via the latter platform, but now Google Pay can do it as well.

An interesting aspect to the function is  the ability to split a cheque between up to five different people, which means those quick to pull out calculators to find out who owes what need no longer worry.

Another feature being added to the platform is the ability to store virtual tickets and boarding passes. A “Passes” tab is now available in-app, with gift cards and loyalty cards also added to the mix.

For now, the updates remain limited to users operating the app on Android, but Gerardo Capiel, director of Product Management at Google Pay, says that the functionality will be ported to the iOS and desktop versions of the platform.

Capiel goes on to note that more partners, for the ticketing, boarding pass, gift cards and loyalty cards, are being contacted, with US-based Ticketmaster, Southwest Airlines signed up for now.

With mobile payments woefully underserved here in SA, it may still be awhile still before we’re splitting a cheque with friends via Google Pay.


[Images – Google]


Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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