Google to hear fate of EU’s Android antitrust fine later today

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Last week Facebook was fined a measly £500 000 for its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and now it’s the turn for Google to face the music.

The tech giant isn’t implicated in the same case that Facebook was, but rather has to wait and hear if the EU will fine the company €5 billion for violating EU antitrust laws.

They will learn its fate later today, with the judgement from the European Commission set to take pace at 14:00 (SAST).

You can even live stream the judgement here, which leads us to think that Google will indeed suffer some sort of harsh fine. Whether it will be the €5 billion being touted remains to be seen.

If it is the aforementioned amount, it would be largest fine dished out by the European Commission for antitrust law violations to date, according to Bloomberg. It also wouldn’t be the first time Google set a fines record, having done so in June last year of €2.4 billion for manipulating search results.

The reason for Google coming into the firing line this time stems from complaints that the company has been abusing its dominance in the smartphone market.

More specifically, the company is said to have added elements to its Android software that makes it difficult for phone makers to shift from the Android operating system.

Furthermore reports suggest revenue sharing payments with specific manufacturers, as well as pre-installing devices with only Google search are also bones of contention for the European Commission.

Come this afternoon, we’ll find out if Google will be made to pay up, as well as how much harder it will be for them to operate in the EU.


[Image – CC0 Pixabay]


Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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