3D Printing Thor’s Stormbreaker is a much easier way to make it

With Infinity War getting digital and physical releases this week, now is the perfect time to look at another print from it in the form of Thor’s Stormbreaker.

While there are a few versions of them out there, this 3D print comes to us from user TheJadeRabbit, who tells us that it was modelled in SolidWorks in around six hours, spread over a few days.

After making a some smaller models to check that everything looked perfect, the full size one you see on this page was printed out in about 24 hours.

The axe head is appropriately bulky at 6.6″ (16.7 centimetres), which is connected to a handle 27″ (68.5 centimetres) long. If this size doesn’t suit you, it can always be scaled up or down to meet your display or cosplay needs.

Finishing consisted of filling gaps with putty before sanding everything down.  Small wooden dowels were added to the handle for extra strength, which was joined to the axe head with silicon adhesive.

Painting was accomplished with some metallic silver and dark brown spray paints, the latter of which was also used for some rope added to the top.

While that is a lengthy process, it’s much easier than travelling to your nearest star forge. The journey to making your own starts with downloading the free files from Thingiverse, instead of being blasted into space and being picked up by the Guardians of the Galaxy.

If you want more Infinity War prints, we’ve already featured a bunch of Black Widow gear as well as Iron Man’s new arc reactor. And, if you’re looking for something classic in the original version of Stormbreaker wielded by Beta Ray Bill, well we have that too.

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