Bungie confirms Moments of Triumph event for Destiny 2

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Bungie Day was yesterday, and the developer made a handful of announcements for one of its more divisive titles – Destiny 2.

To that end, to mark the game’s first year, Bungie has begun a Moments of Triumph event for Destiny 2. It kicked off over the weekend, with Guardians able to track their progress towards specific in-game class rewards on the developer’s website.

For those unfamiliar with this particular Destiny franchise event, it’s usually designed to reward gamers for completing specific tasks, such as Leviathan raids, or collecting rare items.

This iteration is said to be no different, although Bungie has not detailed what the rewards are, showcasing only a couple of images for white and gold embellished gear.

It’s also unclear whether these items will be more powerful than the ones received during previous one-time Destiny 2 events. If we’re going on previous experiences, the chances are slim.

Bungie is set to reveal all the in-game rewards for Moments of Triumph on 31 July, with games having between now and 28th August 2018 to try to earn them.

From there, the developer will likely be preparing for its latest DLC, Destiny 2: Forsaken, which kicks off on 4th September. With Bungie earning the frustration and ire of its community almost every time a DLC hits platforms, it should be interesting to see if Forsaken can buck the trend.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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