MSI marries gaming and style in latest GS series

Gaming notebooks have become rather similar in appearance in recent years. Sharp angles are accented by red lighting and keyboards are bedecked in RGB lighting that pulses or breathes.

MSI’s latest notebook in its GS Series, the GS65 is a gaming notebook but it oozes style and opulence at every corner but still housing the power you need to run the latest games, VR applications and even a bit of content creation. The GS65 features Intel’s latest 8th generation Core i7 processors comprising six cores and making it among the first notebooks with a hexa-core chip. This increase in core count means that gaming is a pleasure and for content creators, rendering is 40 percent faster which means less time waiting for a status bar to fill and more time finishing that video you wanted to edit.

The GS65 is fitted with DDR4-2400 that’s 40 percent faster than the DDR3-1600 found in older notebooks. It gives you the power to run the applications you need without having to wait for resources to be freed up.

As this is firstly a gaming notebook you expect to see a GPU and you would be right. Despite the GS65’s mindbogglingly thin form factor, it packs a NVIDIA GeForce 10 series GPU with Max-Q. This isn’t just any GeForce GPU however, it’s a Max-Q version that allows for lightning fast performance in small form factor notebooks. This means that you have the power you need on the go without having to lug around a gargantuan notebook.

Ultra thin, ultra smooth

With the lid closed the GS65 measures in at just 17.9mm tall which is just a bit taller than two iPhone X’s stacked on top of one another. With the battery the notebook weighs 1.88kg and the power adapter has been updated to be slimmer and more lightweight.

While battery life will differ from person to person as everybody uses different applications for different length of time you should get 8 hours of battery from the MSI GS65. This coupled with its thin form factor makes the GS65 the perfect notebook for working on a flight.

Perhaps one of the most unique features of the GS65 is its display. On the surface it looks like any other 1920 x 1080p display but MSI has fitted this notebook with an IPS display that refreshes at 144Hz making for the smoothest gaming experience you’ve yet to see in a notebook.

The MSI GS65 is the perfect balance of performance and style married in a lightweight and ultra thin body. If you’re due for an upgrade you can shop for the MSI GS65 at


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