Skype for Windows gets redesign along with call recording

It’s that time of the year again, where Microsoft debuts a redesign for Skype on Windows.

This iteration is specifically designed for the desktop version of the application, and brings with it a look that’s akin to the mobile variant of the software.

Along with a redesign, Microsoft will be making all Skype for Windows desktop users upgrade to version 8.0 of the application from 1st September onwards.

As for what changes are coming to the app in its desktop form, group chats have been modified to make it easier to share images, as well as screen share during conversations. There’s also a gallery containing all shared links, photos and documents pertaining to a particular conversation.

Microsoft has mentioned some features for the platform later in the year too, such as read receipts, the creation of private conversations with end-to-end encryption and call recording.

Oddly, the latter has been an absent feature from Skype during the app’s 15 year existence, which makes its inclusion now even more baffling.

The call recording feature is planned for rollout later this month, and will be cloud-based to facilitate access to any recordings on a variety of platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Along with capturing the audio, call recording can also collate the video feeds from all users in the group chat akin to Google Hangouts.

As such, it should give interviewers a nice new tool to use, provided the quality of the Skype call remains smooth.


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