The Scorn introduced as new enemy faction for Destiny 2: Forsaken

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Destiny 2‘s upcoming DLC, Forsaken, makes its cross-platform debut on 4th September. For the most part, the gaming community is cautiously optimistic that Bungie can deliver the goods despite being burned several times before.

Providing a bit more hope that Forsaken won’t be another dud is a story from Game Informer detailing the new enemy for the DLC – the Scorn.

This latest group aren’t the antagonist for Forsaken, but are the enemies that Guardians will encounter as they try to negotiate the wild west-esque backdrop of the Reef.

According to Game Informer, the Scorn are not simply a generic rehash of other enemy groups like we’ve seen in past ventures into Destiny 2.

More specifically Matt Tieger, game director at co-developer High Moon Studios, has noted that The Scorn are far more aggressive than previous enemy factions, apparently taking on almost kamikaze-style tactics during skirmishes.

Whether they live up to the billing remains to be seen, but having an enemy that proves more challenging will certainly serve Forsaken well once the story campaign is taken care of.

Along with a bit of information about how The Scorn will engage Guardians in the game, Tieger also went into detail about each of the six classes of enemy that gamers will encounter in Forsaken.

The classes are as follows:

  • Mongrels – The largest of The Scorn, Mongrels operate similarly to the Hive’s Ogres, and can shoot lighting at enemy targets.
  • Screed – Exploding enemies like the Hive’s Cursed Thralls, with one key difference. Screed barrel at full speed towards Guardians, instead of lurching around.
  • Raiders – The more common class of Scorn that Guardians will encounter. They can also teleport short distances and have a long-ranged buzzsaw attack.
  • Lurkers – These Scorn are a tad different, carrying shields and being less aggressive than the others. They do have a weak spot, but where it is has not been mentioned.
  • Ravagers – Similar to the Screed, Ravagers carry around explosive weapons that only do damage in close-quarters. They can be shot from a distance and explode in order to negate their threat.
  • Chieftains – This final class are akin to Fallen Captains, and serve as the leaders during large-scale fights. They also make use of elemental totems in order to attack Guardians.

With Bungie giving its new enemy faction in Forsaken an overhaul, hopefully it can do the same for the rest of the gameplay in this upcoming DLC.


Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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