Regular Human Basketball has the best trailer in years

Do you have fellow human beings you call friends? Do your brains crave endorphins usually released from engaging in video games with said human being friends? Well then Regular Human Basketball is the game for you. You being a regular human being looking for a basketball game.

Robot shtick aside when this title landed in our inbox we thought for sure it was going to be another parody game in the vein of the recent Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, but it seems to be a lot more than that.

In it two robots play a game of basketball where the controls are deliberately wonky. Inside of each is their controls which need to be navigated to, causing an intentional delay which necessitates an element of strategy to planning out moves.

The most obvious comparison here is to Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, but with a bit more competitiveness to it.

While the playing field is occupied by just two robots, they can be filled with up to five players each. And, as the trailer points out, online multiplayer will be available together with local splitscreen, something that not every indie game of this type has.

Speaking of that trailer, it’s embedded below and it’s a masterpiece. It’s the perfect blend of humour and showcase for the game.

While we are surprised that this was seemingly launched out of nowhere, it’s quality isn’t a suprise given the developer Powerhoof. While not a big name right now, Powerhoof created 2017’s Crawl – an excellent roguelike dungeoncrawler party game that was a blast to play on PC, and even made it to the Switch.

Regular Human Basketball is only on PC right now, where it’s selling for just $5, or R42 locally.


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