Back to Infinite Warfare with this 3D printed bio spike

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Despite its popularity we see relatively few 3D prints from Call of Duty, but one more has been added to the fold in this bio spike recreation taken out of Infinite Warfare.

User ThirtyThree3D is behind this project, telling us that the model was created in SketchUp over the course of just three hours.

After slicing in Cura, printing took 28 hours, using around 110 grams of PLA filament.

After all the individual pieces had been glued together, the spike measures in at 44.5 centimetres. We’re not sure if this size is completely game accurate, but it’s close enough to be considered a full size print and not a miniature.

Filler primer helped smooth everything out here before a base coat of aluminium spray was applied. To this a gun metal grey coat was added with gold and yellow accents being painted in the appropriate places.

If you’d like to make your own the files are available for free from Thingiverse. We’ve been told that the trigger can be a bit of a hassle to print, so watch out for that part.

ThirtyThree3D usually sells models and finished prints over on their Etsy store, but this one isn’t available as a complete product right now. If you’re not inclined to make one yourself, we’re sure they won’t turn down an order if you DM the account.

Alternatively, if this weapon just isn’t for you, we have featured one other Call of Duty print in the past that’s similar to this one in the ballistic knife from the original Black Ops.

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