Spotify testing skippable ads for its Free users in Australia

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If you’re loathe to pay for anything, there might be an interesting development for Spotify’s Free tier.

The streaming service is currently testing out the ability to skip ads, both audio and video, as many times as users like in Australia.

This is according to AdAge, which recently sat down with representatives of Spotify to find out why the company is trying out this feature.

Spotify says that users will only engage with ads for products or services that truly appeal to or ones that entice them, so adding a skip button would essentially give them more information as to what kinds of things their users care about.

From the data derived from not skipping, Spotify can target more specific ads to its users and potentially give them more of what they want.

For advertisers worried that they’ll have to pay for ads that are skipped, Spotify notes that they won’t have to pay when this happens.

The upshot of this for Australian Spotify uses on the free version of the app is that they’re closer to mirroring the experience of users who pay for the Premium version.

With the addition of the skippable ads functionality, the only advantage that the Premium tier currently holds is the ability to download songs for later listening and not having to shuffle through specific playlists.

There’s no mention of what will happen after this test period, or indeed if it will be brought to other regions, but we’re definitely of the opinion that ads should be skippable if the user is paying for the service or not.

If you haven’t signed up for Spotify yet, would skippable ads make you want to sign up for the streaming service?

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Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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