The Sinking City trailer has face tentacles, but no gameplay

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Hold your collected works of H.P. Lovecraft close, kids, because there’s a new trailer for The Sinking City featuring that most Lovecraftian trope: tentacles.

Developer Frogwares, best known for their Sherlock Holmes games, has been slowly revealing more information about The Sinking City for more than a year now. The E3 2018 Trailer got us interested, but we really wanted to see how this “open world, action investigation game” would play out.

Thankfully, then, we now have a gameplay trailer, that just about shows no gameplay. We’re not sure if this is some kind of marketing stunt or outright error, but the trailer appears to be a cutscene more than anything else.

Sure, you could consider the brief shots of walking through a city and piloting a boat gameplay, but that’s the barest showing we could think of and it’s not what makes this game unique.

With The Sinking City due to launch on 21st March 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there’s still lots of time to see this game in action, so we’re not getting too despondent yet.

If you’re looking for similarly-themed title that has released a decent amount of gameplay, Call of Cthulhu is what you should be watching right now.

March 2017 marked 80 years since H.P. Lovecraft’s passing, and we rounded up a list of the most prominent games released before then inspired by his work. With this seeming resurgence  of new games, we may need to revisit that list.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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