Here’s a quick documentary explaining Magic’s legendary Black Lotus card

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Even if you, like us, have never played Magic: The Gathering, there’s still a high chance that you’ve heard of an infamous card called the Black Lotus.

If you’ve ever wondered why this single card routinely pops up fetching thousands of dollars and why the game around it supports this, YouTube channel Rhystic Studies has a brilliant video to explain things.

While we obviously recommend watching the full 31 minutes of this video (which is very accessible even for those outside of the game) we’ll give you the cliff notes.

Black Lotus is widely considered to be the strongest card in the game making it highly desirable for players despite the fact that it isn’t legal in all formats.

Unfortunately Black Lotus was printed in the early days of the game and, since then, the creators of the game have made a promise to the community that it and a few other cards like it will never be printed again.

This was done to keep collectors, investors, and other members of the community happy but has since been a decision they have regretted.

This means that this OP card exists as a limited commodity that will never increase in quantity, while demand for it grows steadily every year as the game gets bigger and sealed product from those early days gets opened.

Aside from those classic economic indicators that force objects to skyrocket in price, it has also become a status symbol for members of the community.

Finally, while we may give YouTube a lot of justifiable grief, we do commend the algorithms here because this is exactly the type of content we like to see popping up in our recommended feed. Though this may be skewed by the fact that we’ve been watching so much Tolarian Community College.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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