Ahead of Eternal check out six of Doom’s demons as 3D prints

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2016’s Doom has been a well of inspiration for makers as we’ve already seen the Praetor Suitheavy assault rifleCacodemon and more as 3D prints.

Today user EmanGameplay has shared with us six recreations of various demons from the game, together with a video highlighting the impressive Cyberdemon that incorporates lighting.

We’ve been told that all the prints you see on this page followed a similar process from idea to finished print, starting with the models.

Each of these was extracted from the game using DOOMResEx before being imported into 3ds Max where they were put into the correct poses. This process only took around an hour per demon, including scaling and slicing.

Printing was done with Simplify3D on a Monoprice Maker Select Plus at 0.1mm and 20% infill, which was followed by the very impressive paint jobs you can see below.

You’ll also notice that each is put next to a water bottle to give you a better sense of scale (there were no bananas on hand), but we’ve also included the height of each together with the amount of time they took to print.

Right now only the files for the Cyberdemon are available on Thingiverse, but keep your eye on the account for future uploads.

If you’re looking for more 3D print roundups make sure you read our Horizon Zero Dawn feature, or the one on Tokyo Ghoul.


Time to print: 21 hours

Height: 21 centimetres


Time to print: 14 hours

Height: 19 centimetres

Baron of Hell

Time to print: 15 hours

Height: 18 centimetres

Hell Knight

Time to print: 15 hours

Height: 16.5 centimetres


Time to print: 19 hours

Height: 15.3 centimetres


Time to print: 5 hours

Height: 10.3 centimetres

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.