Check out this 3D print of the unseen BattleTech Locust mech

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Thanks to the BattleTech game that came out earlier this year, we’re seeing more 3D prints from the franchise, but one maker has recreated something from its earlier years.

Sean White has made this rather impressive Locust based on its “Unseen” design. This is its look that is marred in legal problems and is rarely seen or officially used.

White tells us that he chose the Locust after first seeing it in the 80’s, preferring its departure from the more humanoid mechs and its unique look compared to the other “chicken leg” designs.

This Locust was modelled in Blender using a variety of sources as references. Drawings, models (both 3D and 2D) and other fan creations and artwork were a help here.

This process took upwards of 30 hours as White was learning how to use Blender as he went along. For a first effort the work here is stellar, especially considering how well the seams are hidden.

Printing took less time at just 18 hours. The version you see on this page was scaled to be around 1:60 to work with tabletop miniatures in the 25 to 30 millimetre range. As such this is 17 centimetres tall and you can see it compared against a 28 millimetre miniature from Warhammer 40K.

Aside from removing the supports and gluing the pieces together, this print has no finishing or painting. If you’d like to see one with those touches you will need to make it yourself, which you can do thanks to the files being available for free over on Thingiverse.

Alternatively a South African maker has been pumping out fully painted BattleTech mechs, with Atlas, Hellbringer and Huntsman already finished.

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