Panasonic’s crazy concentration wearable is now getting crowdfunded

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If you missed SXSW this year, you may not have seen some of the weird and wonderful tech that was on show. One of the more peculiar devices was a wearable from Panasonic that aims to help users concentrate called the Wear Space.

Featuring noise-cancelling headphones and peripheral vision blinders, the Panasonic Wear Space looked like something that you’d put on a horse to use while transporting them, or perhaps the next iteration of the Ostrich Pillow.

Now it appears as if the Wear Space, created in partnership with designer Kunihiko Morinaga, is moving out of the concept stage, with Panasonic taking to crowdfunding in order to get this weird piece of tech off the ground.

Currently on the GreenFunding platform, the Wear Space has a goal of ¥15 million (~R1.94 million), and is sitting at 52 percent at the time of writing, with 11th December the end date.

As such, despite being one of the crazier crowdfunding projects we’ve seen of late, the Wear Space could very well meet its goal. When in comes to delivery, early bird backers are scheduled to receive their “headsets” from Panasonic in August 2019.

While we’re not too sure how well such a device would go down locally, we can certainly see a market for it in Asian countries like Japan and South Korea.

[Source – Designboom]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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