Barnaby Dixon unveils new puppet with a live face feed

Ahead of Halloween the internet’s favourite puppeteer Barnaby Dixon has revealed his newest, most unnerving puppet yet.

Aside from all the amazing craftsmanship and unique movement that we’ve come to expect from a Barnaby Dixon puppet, the standout feature here is a small screen on the head of the puppet.

This displays a live feed of Dixon’s mouth, allowing the puppet to “speak” in real time.

Unfortunately the demo video showing off the new creation (embedded below) doesn’t go into much detail about how this was accomplished. We assume this is a “secret of the trade” kind of thing, or some of the details are saved for Patreon.

That being said many similar projects using a Raspberry Pi or Arduino are available on places like, but we’d still like to see exactly how this came to be.

Aside from the screen another real time aspect shown off is music by way of a drum pad surface that the puppet can hop around on. Both of these factor into live events you can attend if you live in or near AthensToronto or Alabama.

If this is your first experience with the work of Barnaby Dixon we highly suggest his video with Adam Savage as a jumping in point.

Not only do you get to see how these puppets are made and operated, but watching them without a sound stage or dark background makes them look somehow even more realistic.

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