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GOG celebrates its tenth anniversary with a free game

While Good Old Games – or GOG as they’re called nowadays – chose that name because they used to focus on older titles, the store itself is racking up the years as it just passed a decade of service.

Aside from offering their games without pesky DRM, many people view this store’s importance in the industry because of its great efforts to preserve older titles and keep them playable (and purchasable) decades after release.

If you’d like to read about the history and how it came to be, they’ve created a neat little splash page for this anniversary with a timeline stretching back to 1994 when the first ideas of what GOG could be started to come together, before it officially started in 2008.

But this page isn’t just about GOG, because there’s something free there too. On 4th October a game will become free for anyone to grab, but the community has a choice of three to decide which game will get this treatment. The winner, and thus the title that will be given away, will be chosen by vote.

The choices are between: Shadow Warrior 2, Superhot and Firewatch. For our money Shadow Warrior 2 is the clear pick here, but feel free to vote for whatever will fill out your library or what interests you most.

If you’d like to spend some money on the platform, they’ve also created some discounted bundles with a lot of value. Again, our personal choice here is the The Modern Classics collection, $25 (~R358) which gets you Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Battle Chasers: Nightwar and Shadows Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.

While GOG has put together a nice trailer to commemorate the occasion, we’re going to instead embed something else from this page. It’s the documentary about GOG created by Noclip, which serves up the great story of how the store came to be and how it was born from the unique game scene in Poland.

If you watch right through the forty minutes of content, make sure you also watch the similar video about the company behind GOG, CD Projekt.

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