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iPhone Xs and Xs Max suffering from a few issues following launch

Last week Friday saw the iPhone Xs and Xs Max officially launched in South Africa, which marks one of the shortest windows from time of global unveiling to landing locally for an Apple device.

While that is indeed good news for Apple fans residing in SA and less for their wallets, there have been a few issues reported about the devices in overseas markets.

More specifically a couple of weeks ago those who got their hands on an iPhone Xs and Xs Max early Stateside were noting issues with the cellular reception and WiFi signal. Several forum posts stated that the iPhone Xs and Xs Max suffered from slower speeds compared to older models of iPhone.

Apple is yet to acknowledge that specific issue, but now another one has come up.

The problem here is a lack of charging on the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. According to a series of posts on the MacRumors and Apple Support forums, the issue comes to the fore when users try to plug in their lightning cable to charge either device while the iPhone is asleep.

It’s unclear why that is the case, but it is more than likely to be a software issue that can be sorted out with a quick and easy patch.

This is not an issue that plagues all new iPhone Xs and Xs Max models, with a small number of complaints being found at this stage. We haven’t heard any reports of such an issue locally either, so it may simply be something that cropped up in the first batch of devices that were released in the States.

Nevertheless it’s something to keep an eye out for if you’ve purchased or are considering purchasing the iPhone Xs or Xs Max.

If you have encountered software, connectivity or any other problem, let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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