Karri now lets any organisation collect money via an app

For little over a year now, Karri has been used by schools to collect extraneous funds.

Rather than sending kids to school with pockets of change for things like civvies days or school outings, Karri allows parents to make payments for this activities via an app.

Following the app’s success at local schools, the creators of Karri are now looking to scale the solution.

“The obvious next step was to expand the use of Karri to churches, camps, extra mural activities, sports clubs, universities, rate payers associations, support groups and even fundraising campaigns,” says Doug Hoernle, founder of Karri.

Karri is powered by Nedbank but any bank can be used for payments.

The app is available for iOS and Android and Hoernle says that because it allows folks to make payments easily, users who collect funds via Karri have noted more payments than before.

“We have seen repeatedly that more people pay faster because Karri makes it so much easier for them. Because Karri sends a message to members about collection requests, and reminds members to pay when they forget, we have found our schools and organisations collect far more from their parents and members with Karri than they did previously,” the founder said.

While the app has largely been used by schools until now Karri is now being used by scout troops, churches and the firm is excited to welcome its first university onto the app soon.

“We have set up for scale and are ready for further growth,” concludes Hoernle.

As mentioned, Karri is available for Android and iOS devices and organisations can sign up to start receiving payments through the app over on the official Karri website.


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