Fallout 76 Diary – Welcome to Appalachia

Fallout 76 is out now and it is going to take us a while to review it in full.

So far we’re not entirely put off by the game, but we’re also not entirely sold on it either. While we work on a full review, we’ll be publishing a diary from the perspective of the character we are playing where we will relay cool events, some of the annoyances we have with the gameplay, as well as general impressions of the game.

Hopefully these, together with our full review, will be enough to help you decide if Fallout 76 is a game you will enjoy or not.

For reference we were given a PC code for review purposes by the local distributor.

Entry 1

It’s finally here! Reclamation Day! I finally get to leave this vault and breathe in the fresh air. Wait, will the air be fresh or will it be pure radiation?

I’m not entirely sure, the Overseer seems to know what she’s doing so I’ll follow her lead.

Entry 2

Being outside Vault 76 is an, er, interesting experience. I left the vault only to happen upon a dead body. Poor lass. She looked tough, but the robots that killed her were vicious. I know this because they attacked me while I was looting her 10mm Pistol.

I got away with all my limbs and made it to the Overseer’s camp where I was able to craft some leather armour and cook some soup.

The Overseer wasn’t here but the holotape she left behind mentioned a town down the road. Need to rest. Will check it out in the morning.

Entry 3

Found a pack of cards today that gave me some cool perks. Eating dog food (I know right?) gives me less of a gag reflex now and I got a stick of gum, so that’s cool.

Today I also learned that the tasty Mutfruit I harvested on day one had spoiled. Imagine my disgust when instead of tasty fruity deliciousness I reached in and got a hand full of mush instead.


I made do with some Salisbury Steak and Purified Water instead. The Overseer’s voice note didn’t mention how much we would be running, and while I can pay to “fast travel” to any destination I’ve visited before, it’s not something I want to do. Kinda feels like cheating.

Thankfully I ran across a Radstag earlier (not over, cars don’t work even though the robots and some computers do) so dinner is sorted.

I’ve also discovered a feature in my Pip-Boy I never knew was there – VATS, the “Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System.

VATS basically aims at a target for me and lets me know how accurate I’d be if I took the shot. It works, but I can’t shake the feeling that being able to slow things down a notch as well would be a better solution.

Entry 4

Appalachia is very quiet aside from the odd gunshot in the distance. I really do miss people.

I spend my days running around doing errands and tasks for robots or corpses just to pass the time.

After hours of looting and transferring that loot to my CAMP device that can be magically transported to where ever I happen to be (so long as it isn’t already a location), I finally have a house.

It has a bed, sorta, and mutated beavers keep getting in because I didn’t have enough wood to craft a door but it’s home.

I’m looking forward to adding a few crafting stations, and maybe even a radio.

What I would love is the ability to carry more stuff. People left all manner of things behind during the war including hats and working computers.

One day I’ll figure out how to get one of those cars working, Appalachia is massive and damn if my feet aren’t already sore from all the walking.

Entry 5

I finally ran into somebody else from Vault 76, Tim from Water Purification!

Granted it took me blacking out and waking up miles from where I was but it was so good to actually speak to another human in this desolate wasteland.

We ran around together, killed a few Scorched and Feral Ghouls before we parted ways and carried on alone.

That seems to be the unspoken rule outside of Vault 76: nobody talks to anybody else and you only help other folks if absolutely necessary. Thankfully nobody has turned violent, yet.

When it comes to robots however, we all help them out for some reason. Maybe it’s because they give us something to do. I don’t fully understand the dynamic at play but I’d rather not upset the apple cart.

Still no sign of the Overseer, I’m sure she’s somewhere though. Well, mostly sure.

Entry 6

While turning on a water valve for a mayor who is actually a computer (don’t ask) I was attacked by a zealot.

I say “attacked” but I’m not entirely sure that’s what it can be called because it just stood there with its arms spread out. I’ve seen this a few times already but it doesn’t get any less bizarre.

Eventually after unloading a clip into the zealot it moved, but I think the enemies in Appalachia are infected with some sort of virus that prevents them from behaving normally. A bug, perhaps… hopefully one that can be fixed, and soon.

I’m running low on food, water and medical supplies which means I’ll have to venture into a town and see what I can kick up.

Maybe I can find an abandoned general store, or even better a hospital… surely there’s a hospital in Appalachia, right?

There are certainly a lot of things to do here, that’s for sure:

For now, though, just a few hours out of the Vault, I’ve lost hope of ever finding the Overseer.

Every time I think I’ll find her or someone not from Vault 76, alive and with a good story, it’s just a robot or a note alongside a dead body.

Appalachia sure is lonely… sure wish I could find someone or something worth leaving the safety of Vault 76 for.

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