Google employees conduct walkouts to protest company’s sexual misconduct policies

Google has some serious issues it needs to deal with, as the tech giant has had some of its deep problems aired out in previous weeks. More specifically sexual harassment and misconduct which has plagued the organisation for years.

The company’s employees are now making their voices heard, and staging walkouts across the globe in a bid to highlight the fact that it has seemingly turned a blind eye to sexual misconduct within their organisation.

This in the wake of recent revelations surrounding former employee Andy Rubin, who has been paid millions of dollars by the company as a settlement for this sexual misconduct indiscretions.

Orchestrating the walkout is the Google Walkout for Real Change twitter page, with them outlining five specific changes they want the company to make.

The changes are:

The mass action is happening later today at 11:10, depending on which time zone the particular Google office finds itself in. We haven’t seen any mention of it on the Google in Africa twitter page, but we’re hoping some of their employees walk out in solidarity with their colleagues.

According to The New York Times, 1 500 employees are scheduled to take part in the walkout at an estimated 60 percent of Google offices across the world when 11:10 hits.

The question now is whether these walkouts will have the desired long-term effects, and result in real change within the organisation.

Seeing as how it’s been an issue for them over the past decade, we’re still a little pessimistic.


[Image – Google Walkout]


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