The $200 Astro C40 TR can switch between PlayStation and Xbox layouts

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Astro, a brand best known for its gaming headphones, yesterday announced the C40 TR – an expensive controller with a lot of customisation options.

For a whopping $200 you’re getting a gamepad that works on PlayStation 4 and PC and, as is tradition with these kind of devices, there’s a lot of extra buttons when you turn it around.

On the back you’ll find two extra buttons that can be remapped, trigger stops and a dedicated button to switch between wired and wireless mode.

The real standout features, however, are on the face of the controller. You can swap out the thumbsticks (they give you a lot of different options in the box) or you can remove the faceplate to swap the right thumbstick and directional buttons around.

This means that the Astro C40 TR can switch between the PlayStation and Xbox layouts at will, for those in need of such things.

You can watch the overly theatrical trailer embedded below from Astro but, it’s also been hosted by PlayStation’s channel.

That’s because the C40 TR is an officially licenced PlayStation product. They have their own splash page for the product that urges you to pre-order it but, strangely, there is no actual way to fork over your money from there.

To do that you’ll need to head to Astro’s site. The estimated delivery date is March 2019 but the US is the only shipping country available.

As Astro is a brand with local representation in South Africa, we may still see it available for purchase here. But with $200 converting to just under R3 000 right now, expect to pay more than that when the local taxes and levies are added into the mix.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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