VoiceOverPete banned from Fiverr, switches to Patreon

Over the past few months an actor known as VoiceOverPete, sometimes Presenter Pete or Pete Ace too, has appeared in countless joke videos.

His style of content matches up almost exactly with that of Big Man Tyrone – both are personalities who you can hire to read a humorous script in front of a green screen which can then be edited into a video.

VoiceOverPete became well-known for his “scam” videos where he would state that a videogame or some such other character was in trouble and they needed the audience’s credit card details to win the day.

You may have already seen the video about Fortnite, and there’s many more on YouTube and other sites which follow the same formula by swapping out the game and the character that’s “in trouble”.

All of these were obviously a normal part of weird internet humour, but the fact that it presented itself as a bad scam got the actor into trouble.

Those looking to get VoiceOverPete to appear in their videos could solicit his services on Fiverr, but he has recently been banned from the platform due to the sticky legal nature of the joke that made him popular.

In response you can now head on over to Patreon where, aside from leaving money as support, you can also order custom scripts to be read out to make your own videos.

If this is your first time reading about this it may seem very strange, but it’s just another case of a collective joke getting too big and a company wanting to distance itself from it.


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